"name 2" -> made a two pointer
"name 3" -> made a three pointer
"name miss" -> missed a shot
"name ft" -> made a free throw
"name ftmiss" -> missed a free throw
"name assist" -> got an assist
"name offensive rebound" -> got a rebound on offense
"name defensive rebound" -> got a rebound on defense
"name block" -> got a block
"name steal" -> got a steal
"name turnover" -> committed a turnover
"name foul" -> committed a foul

Action History

Easy Basketball Stats is created by Elfrey Shira. One day, he and his friend decided to keep stats for an intramural basketball game they were supporting at UT Austin. They found it difficult to keep up with Google Docs as they had to keep looking up and down to locate, calculate, and alter a specific stat for each action for each player. Elfrey's friend wishfully exclaimed, "I wish I could just type in something like 'elfrey rebound' and would add it for me". Elfrey half-jokingly responded, "I'll just program one!" Later that night, the idea kept festering until he sat down for 2 hours and made a prototype. After a couple trial runs, several extra hours, and lost homework time, the end result is what you see today: Easy Basketball Stats.

Name Points Shots Made Shots Attempted FT Made FT Attempted Assists Offensive Rebounds Defensive Rebounds Blocks Steals Turnovers Fouls